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Marketing Manager - Engineering

Finance Digital Marketing Manager

Senior Digital Marketing professional coming from a finance and SaaS background, who has gained valuable experience in transitioning a traditional financial services business to a sophisticated digital service offering, over the last 15 years.

Qualified to CIM Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme, they offer sound strategic know how and insight to a wide variety of digital innovations, with particular strengths in awareness, customer engagement and sophisticated lead generation methods, including highly effective affiliate selection and management throughout their career.

Key Skills and Competencies:

● Digital Strategy Development: Expert in crafting and implementing comprehensive digital strategies to drive business growth and customer acquisition.
● Lead Generation and Optimisation: Skilled in devising varied lead generation tactics, resulting in a 300% increase in lead generation and a rise in conversion rates from 4% to 6%.
● Digital Transformation Leadership: Led digital transition from a print offering to predominantly digital, optimising customer journeys through automation and enhancing follow-up communication strategies.
● Data-Driven Marketing: Utilised analytics and data analysis tools like Tableau data visualisation to inform strategies, measure success, and make agile adjustments.
● Client and Agency Relationship Management: Proven track record in building and nurturing productive relationships, managing high-performing teams, and overseeing external agencies.
● Budget and Resource Management: Adept in managing significant marketing budgets and forecasting, ensuring optimal use of resources for maximum impact.

Career Highlights:
● Strategic Leadership: Transformed digital channels into primary acquisition platforms for a medium sized financial association, overseeing the development and implementation of effective growth strategies.
● Innovative Campaign Management: Introduced advanced digital marketing techniques, including targeted pay-per-click and social media campaigns, significantly boosting engagement and lead quality.
● Operational Excellence: Established and refined operational processes to enhance digital marketing effectiveness, including streamlining digital content management and improving internal reporting capabilities.

Unique Attributes:
● Innovative Approach: Continuously explores cutting-edge marketing technologies and strategies to stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring competitive advantage.
● Customer-Centric Strategy: Focuses on enhancing the customer journey at every touchpoint, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
● Adaptive Leadership: Thrives in dynamic environments, demonstrating flexibility in strategy formulation and execution to align with shifting market demands.

This professional is ideally positioned for high-level roles that require a robust understanding of digital marketing, strategic planning, and business development, particularly in sectors poised for digital transformation. Ambitions wise, growing and developing in her role on strategy and delivery, utilising more insights, tech and automations would be preference rather than fixed ambitions to climb in seniority / people management.

Salary requirements: c) £47k base & benefits. Exploring new opportunities now following on from restructuring and redundancies. 

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