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Advertising is just the tip of the iceberg..

Think of your talent pool as an iceberg. The tip represents active candidates, present on job boards, and looking out for new opportunities. 


The hidden majority underneath, the rest - also suited to your opportunity, but not in the place to consider how it may align with their career aspirations


At MRKTSEARCH, we reach the hidden talent, translate the opportunity and feed back on how it appeals.

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The hidden depths of every talent pool

The Solution

MRKTSEARCH offers the rigour and method of an executive search process for all search assignments we work on.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Live transparency on all our searches

  • Access to the whole talent pool suited to your vacancy

  • The reassurance that the service continues until a result is achieved.

Our searches duration are average 4-6 weeks from acceptance to offer.


MRKTSEARCH services are particularly suited to niche and senior requirements however any valued talent is best identified in this way.

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