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Marketing isn't:

'The colouring in department'


  • Is the GPS for your business

  • Connects you with your customers

  • Demonstrates when to engage and why

  • Provides intel to de-risk your strategies

  • Tracks metrics to show what is and isn't working

  • Creates a voice that your customers remember

  • Makes you stand out in a sea of noise

  • Evokes positivity with your customers when they see your brand.

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If you care, or don't care about a project, it will show in the final product. This is particularly true when it comes to your marketing team. 

We recently compiled a list of over 25 "deal breaking" considerations a marketer could make in relation to deciding upon a career opportunity.

Finding the right marketer for your team will take time. 

At the fundamental level you need your new marketer to have:

  • A passion for your business product, service (or opportunity)

  • The desired skill level

  • The right salary requirements

  • The suited working arrangements

  • The specific marketing tactics/technical expertise required

And most importantly : heard about your opportunity.

The majority of people we place are happy in their roles, but they know what improved looks like.  They aren't on job boards.

We reach those people.


MRKTSEARCH offers the rigour and method of an executive search process for all search assignments we accept. 

Our clients benefit from:

  • Live transparency on all our searches

  • Access to the whole talent pool suited to your vacancy

  • The reassurance that the service continues until a result is achieved.

Our searches duration are average 4-6 weeks from acceptance to offer.


MRKTSEARCH services are particularly suited to niche and senior requirements however any valued talent is best identified in this way.

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