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Creating a captivating Marketing CV for your next career move.

Hopefully the following tips may help you craft a CV that stands out from the pile and resonates with your ideal employer.

1. Tailor Your CV: Crafted, Not Copied

Each job is as unique as the company offering it.

By tailoring your CV for each role, you create a custom-fit narrative that emphasizes your most relevant skills and experiences. Demonstrating impact is crucial, use numbers and metrics to drive home the extent and value of what you have achieved and the seriousness of which you take your role as a vital commercial function.

2. Readability is Key: Making Your First Impression Count

In the realm of CVs, aesthetics matter. Choose a clean, professional layout that facilitates easy reading. Consistent font style and size, clear spacing, and well-structured headers can make a world of difference. Don't be lured into the trap of a 'one-pager' or even keeping it to two, three or four pages are totally fine, so long as everything detailed is relevant.

3. Personal Statement: Showcase Your Unique Blend

Your personal statement is your opportunity to highlight your experiences, passions and achievements in marketing. Be sure to mention what areas you enjoy, and feel would be valuable for hiring businesses. Remember, the absence of a skill in your CV often implies its non-existence.

4. Skillful Balance: Don’t Be a Jack of All, Master of None

It's a common misconception that marketers are expected to wear all hats. From UX design to SEO specialist to video editor, the list is seemingly endless. Don’t feel obligated to showcase skills you're not proficient in or have no interest in developing. Stick to your strengths – this is where you'll shine the most.

5. Order of Experience: The Past in Reverse

Begin with your most recent role and work backwards. This provides an immediate snapshot of your current capabilities. Be sure to mention whether you worked solo or within a team and which markets you targeted - B2B or B2C?

6. Highlight Your Achievements: The Proof is in the Pudding

Under each role, share not only your responsibilities but also your achievements. Reinforce your impact with quantifiable data – numbers are key, visitors, leads, revenue, campaigns.. etc, keep quantification and context in mind - the easier it is for an interviewer to understand your skills the better opportunity for personal connection and discussing the role and company in more detail.

7. Technical aptitudes

List all software and platforms you're familiar with, regardless of how basic they seem. Some employers appreciate a marketer who can wield Canva as much as others need the confidence to navigate GA4.

8. Leverage LinkedIn: Your Digital CV

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-curated LinkedIn profile. An active account with a professional photo and comprehensive details can intrigue prospective employers. Showcase your recent projects and achievements, and let your banner reflect your personality or professional branding.

Crafting an impactful CV is a critical part of your job search journey.

For template guidelines or any additional help, feel free to reach out at

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