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You’ve assessed your career so far. You’re sure that your current employer can’t offer you what you need and it’s time to make the move.

We’ve put together some tips for creating an interesting and impactful CV that prospective employers will enjoy reading.

1) Tailor Your CV

Most people don’t take the opportunity to tailor thier CVs to the jobs that they are interested in – by doing so you will be giving yourself a competitive edge.

When tailoring your CV, edit it to include the details that are most pertinent to the job for which you are applying. The impact you have made in particular functions is best illustrated with the use of metrics. Numbers are your friend for context and credibility.

If you are working with MRKTSEARCH or another recruiter it’s fine to use a generic starting point CV. Offering a willingness to tailor for each role you decide to go forward to is a good approach.

2) Choose an easy to read layout

Select a professional layout with clear spacing, succinct content, and constant font size and style; it's acceptable to have different-styled headers as long as you stick with that style throughout.

3) Include a personal statement

Place this at the top of your page under your personal information. Marketing is a big space to work in with dozens of different functions. Take the time to explain which you enjoy, have had success in and are comfortable with. It’s generally assumed that if you haven’t mentioned a skill then you wouldn’t consider yourself proficient or don’t enjoy it.

4) Keep in mind It should not be expected that marketers are also:

1) Website or product designers

2) UX designers

3) Account Managers or Directors

4) Customer/lead gen acquisition specialists

5) E-Commerce Specialists

6) PPC or SEO Specialists

7) Lead Generation Specialists

8) Professional Photographers

9) Digital, creative or Graphic Designers

10) PR Professionals

11) Brand Specialists

12) Advertising professionals

13) Data Analysts

14) Video Designers or Editors

15) Customer Service agents

16) Office Support or HR

17) Sales or Business Developers

18) Copywriters