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Whether it's your first or next marketing position, looking for a new job can be intimidating.

Being well-prepared will position you for a successful search before you even begin applying.

We've compiled some useful advice for marketers looking to switch roles, industries, or careers in 2023.

1. Consider your present marketing position.

Spend some time considering your current position to position yourself for success in your job search.

Think about the things you want to alter and your motivations.

What was your job brief when you joined your company and what have you achieved against this? Have you gone over and above, how so? Can you pinpoint metrics to support your successes?

Do carefully evaluate whether what you actually want might be found in your present employment, in your current industry, or somewhere entirely else if you've been in your role or industry for a while.

If thinking of moving for an uplift in salary only, it’s worthwhile checking if budget exits for additional remuneration. If your role directly relates to leads generated a wise idea is to think about how you can add to the bottom line to achieve an uplift and whether that could have impact on your remuneration.

2) Drawing up a pros and cons list can work well to pinpoint exactly what you enjoy and dislike about your current position:

• What currently works and doesn't for you?

• What, if anything, would you alter, and is it even feasible to change it?

• What would your ideal position's job description look like?

• Does your ideal position allow you to use abilities and skills that aren't put to use in your current position?

3) Consider also how you feel regarding your current work:

• Did you feel that the work you completed last year was challenging?

Was the work interesting?

• Are you looking forward to working on new projects this year?

You may have outgrown your current function if your work no longer gives you the same sense of elation that it once did.

In the end, it will be simpler to determine what to do next if you are honest about what brings you the most job pleasure.

4) Identify your future professional goals.

While listing the benefits and drawbacks of your present employment think about what would make you content in a different role.

Be clear in your wishlist and include examples to assist you.