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he recruitment sector has evolved with certain limitations that hinder its ability to deliver optimal service to both hiring businesses and job-seekers.

  • Big business drives profit and placements ahead of the needs of candidates or clients. 

  • Non-specialists often miss the questions to ask which unearth sought-after qualities and attributes.

  • Taking a job order and losing contact until the shortlisting stage often leads to unnecessary downtime.


MRKTSEARCH has created a search solution that addresses all these common recruitment pitfalls.

Our process is straightforward. 


We assimilate the specifics of a role to a fine degree, likewise the skills and experiences of the professionals we represent. 


Where clients are unsure what marketing skills they need, we can provide external specialist consultants or a framework to self-audit where to hire for the greatest impact. 


We go to market with a specialist understanding of the vacancy and contact every single person within that specific talent pool so that our clients know their appointments are made from the very best talent available. 

No more wondering or waiting in the dark. Our clients have real-time visibility to track our progress every step of the way, empowering them to make informed decisions.


There is no great mystery to our service, it’s simply laser-like focus, expertise and commitment to each client until the search is concluded (and some nifty tech). 





How is this different to other recruitment services?

We work with our clients exclusively, taking a headhunt approach for each of the roles we recruit for.


We've taken all of the bits of executive search and packaged them into a speedier service, giving the same quality result, for all levels of marketing professionals, and we let you track our progress every step of the way. 

How long does this take?

About 4 weeks typically before offer acceptance. With notice periods stretching to 3 months more frequently, it's best to prepare at least 4 months ahead of when you would like your marketing to be elevated.

Sounds Expensive?

Our  services cost the same as typical no win no fee recruitment

How do we track your progress?

We send you a live link (accessible by all decision-makers) where feedback on the role and level of interest can be quickly understood.

We just don't know what marketing talent we need!


We got you, many of our clients are a bit at sea with what skills they could or should bring on board to take their business to the next level.

We can work with you to discuss the market and talent availability across industry sectors.


In more complex situations we work with an accredited marketing audit partner who can consult with you in finer detail to produce a template for impact.  

Can you help us create a specification for the right person?

Of course, we've been creating job ad's for years, we know what is appealing to marketing professionals and can help you put your best foot forward. 

Can you guide us on how to interview for the best talent?

Absolutely, it's not straightforward in marketing, and some valuable skills are hard to see initially but we've honed a few techniques. 

What if you don’t find someone?

We keep going until we do. If it appears after our thorough search that we are indeed seeking 'chickens teeth' we'll regroup, reframe and go after the next best alternative - under your guidance.

How do you know you've reached the whole market.

We're executive search accredited, this means we have a broad toolkit of ways and the determination to contact people.  We also use leading external researchers to complement our searches out of market or at exec level.

What happens if the person can't fulfil the role brief to the standard we discussed? 

We are very confident in the rigour of our profiling of people and opportunities. So much so that we'll offer a free replacement for up to 6 months if it transpires that the ability doesn't match the role. 

We can’t afford search services right now, can you help in other ways?

Yip, we can consult to create a compelling advert, advise on how to interview for best results for the role and can connect you with trusted advisors who can confirm the marketing skill needed for greatest impact. 

Woah woah woah, I'm a marketer - are you too busy to help me? 

Nope, we can also work exclusively on your behalf. Part of our process is updating the local business community on the new marketing talent we're representing. 

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