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Making sense of recruitment options

If you've been involved in recruitment to date, or are currently considering using a recruitment provider you have likely been met with a swathe of different providers and options.


Determining which type of recruitment is best for your appointment can be a time-consuming task in itself.

The range of options available to employers currently includes: 

  • Generalist Agencies

  • Specialist Consultancies

  • Specialist Search Providers, like MRKTSEARCH.

  • Executive Search or Headhunting firms

GENERALIST RECRUITMENT AGENCIES - Often seen in shopping zones. - Have a broad service range and cater to a wide variety of industries and job types. - Very useful for filling general roles quickly. Pros: - The lowest cost option available - Often a good choice for hands on, manual operators, business support and unskilled requirements. Cons: Not useful for nuanced and complex roles where relaying fine detail is important.

SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT CONSULTANCIES - Designated consultants allocated to sectors, so to understand the market in a meaningful way. E.g: Engineering, Financial Services, and Technology. Pros: Consultants are knowledgable in their sectors, and often have good reach in databases and talent pools.  Cons: Very highly target driven businesses, often leading to consultants time spread thinly, impacting the provision of a quality service. The business model requires prioritisation of the easiest to fill roles with the highest fee value.

SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT PROVIDERS (MRKTSEARCH) - Similar to executive search below but more agile and responsive. Ability to provide a high level of transparency to searches and give professionals a deep understanding the opportunities worked on. Continues until a solution is achieved. Pros: The same speed and cost of specialist recruitment. More reliable and comprehensive by reaching professionals who wouldn't typically respond to advertising. Gives hiring businesses visibility to their talent pool for future hires.  Cons:   Suited only to businesses who really see value in getting the best possible people for their opportunity and cultivating a people focused culture.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH & HEADHUNTING FIRMS - Focused solely on high-level senior, C-Level professionals. - Often used for sensitive or confidential hires. Traditionally known for black books of contacts, largely invalidated through transparency of professionals online in 2024. Executive search methodology is characterised by rigorous assessment tools and forensic level understanding of opportunities. Pros: Effective for filling high-ranking and specialised roles. Considered a good approach for businesses who need a precise match to requirements for impact.  Cons: Can be time-consuming. No guarantee of a successful placement, behavioural testing can be off putting and the most expensive form of recruitment. Firms typically charging 25% to 40% of the assumed annual salary.

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